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Official Welcome To Tapple.

Welcome to Tapple! After countless hours of work, I can proudly announce the Tapple server will be opening to the public on October 5th (next Saturday!) However, the server will be opened in it's beta stage, so there will be lot of changes during the following weeks prior from the release. The Tapple team is going to keep a good ear on what feedback the community will be bringing to the table and we will try our best to make the most positive changes and additions as the server grows.

The Tapple server will be released with two main gamemodes- Events and Practice PvP. Events will be for exclusive scheduled games that consists of UHC, SkyWars, or other experimental game types. Practice PvP will feature arenas for you to duel competitively in a player queue as well as place for you to create a party and invite your friends!

If you're interested more about this server, please consider checking out our YouTube, Twitter, and Discord server.

YouTube Link
Twitter Link
Discord Server Link

Also if you are new here, please consider registering an account :)
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Tapple is Minecraft server that currently features many unique games. We believe that maintaining an experimental environment can push boundaries and reach the most enjoyable yet competitive Minecraft experience.

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