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Official Tapple's Brand New Minigame - Border Battles

Tapple’s Brand New Minigame - Border Battles!
Introducing Border Battles, Tapple’s first new minigame since it’s initial release in October 2019. A new take on the traditional SkyWars minigame, including constantly moving borders, as well as Elements, crazy powerups that can completely change the game.

While I want to dive into every single part of the game, that’d be no fun! I’ll be highlighting the important gameplay aspects as well as some other important parts.

Servers & Lobbies
As of beta release, we are releasing with a single mode. Solo.

Players can join through the NPC located in the spawn or the “Play Border Battles” item in the first slot of the hotbar. Upon opening there are two options. “Quick Play” and “Map Selection”. Quick Play finds the first game available, and Map Selection allows you to select from different maps to join. Currently we are releasing with only 5 maps, but more to come. The Map Selection feature is only available to Apple+ ranks and up.

Upon joining a game, games can hold a maximum amount of 16 players (and starts a countdown at 4). You’ll be able to select kits during this time shortly before being teleported into the map.


16 players spawn on 16 different starter islands towards the outskirts of the map.
The map itself isn’t a typical symmetrical map. There are various islands of different shape, and the entire map is overall unsymmetrical.
Starter islands feature 3 chests containing various loot. The rest of the islands contain virtually nothing, as they are there simply for gameplay and strategic movement purposes, except 4 of those islands, which are called Elemental Islands.
Elemental Islands feature Tier 2 chests (chests better than starter island chests) as well as an Elemental Podium.

Elements are crazy changes to the game which last for 30 seconds at once. Elements spawn on top of Elemental Podiums, and specific Elements are represented by their item. Some may say that this is adding a “scenarios” twist to this minigame. Here are some examples of different Elements:

Arson - Every time you take damage you are set on fire.
Pulling Hook - All fishing rods act as hooks which can pull back players at high speeds.
Safety Net - Falling in the void will launch you straight back up.

There are plenty of other Elements involved. Play the games to find out!


As the game progresses, the game enters various “stages”.

The stages feature what size the border moves to over a certain period of time. In most stages, the center of the border is random and not bound to 0,0. Of course as the game continues, the border will get smaller and smaller. The last stage features a completely dead zone with no border and gradual damage, however unless players constantly stall the game shouldn’t reach that position.

The gameplay that this feature intends to provide is through the unsymmetrical map, and varying border centers and sizes, strategic placement is highly important. Some zones may feature no land, and players may gain advantages by plopping themselves in the middle of the border zone. With the two rows of hearts, survivability is increased, however not to overpowered with the limited amount of chests for looting. We’ve tried to make it so that the game is less preparation and more moving around than anything.

There are various kits for purchase by earning coins from games (you can earn coins by playing games and leveling up). Kits are for the most part starter items only, but special ones have specific attributes only available by picking the kit (permanent potion effects, no explosive damage, etc.).

Other Important Gameplay Information
» All players start with 2 rows of hearts.
» There are NO BOWS. There are still projectiles (like eggs and snowballs).
» Enderpearls are much more rare than the typical SkyWars game.
» Elements have a certain cooldown after one is over.
» Islands are SIGNIFICANTLY closer to each other than traditional sky games, to put less emphasis on bridging (while it still applies in certain situations).

BORDER BATTLES IS CURRENTLY IN BETA! MANY aspects of the game are currently experimental and we are open for suggestions and change. As this is our first recurring minigame, please make way for us for potential bugs here and there (WHICH YOU SHOULD REPORT!)

(If you join during beta you get free coins O_O)

Have fun playing !


AY The new gamemode guesses i had the closest guess i think other people said skywars but i said it first
But it write:
Connecting to BB...
could not connect to a default of fallback server, please try again later

but the others can join...
How can i join?

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