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Official Tapple UHC Season 2 Championship Game

Tapple UHC Season 2 Championship Game

Season 2 will be officially ending at the end of day on January 15th, 2021 (Friday), which will be the last day for an opportunity to qualify for the championship game.

On January 16th, 2021 (Saturday), Tapple will be hosting a Championship UHC game where players are allowed to participate if they have at least 1 registered stats win. You can check your statistics by using /profile on the server.
If you're looking to still qualify, when a UHC is hosted, check if stats are on or off in the description.
When the game happens, all you have to do is join the server, and it will allow you in if you have a stats win.

Official Game Details
Date: January 16th, 2021
Time: 20:00 UTC (3PM EST//12PM PST//8PM GMT) > starting 15-20m after it opens
Teamsize: FFA
Scenarios: CutClean, HasteyBoys, Timber, Golden Retriever - other scenarios TBD

While we would like this game to be competitive, it is important to us that this game has a "Tapple scenario" as well. However, we would like your input on what iconic scenario we should put on for the game. Vote here: https://forms.gle/PdqptUP7kh5NgRon9 - The scenario winner will be announced right before the game starts!

The winner of this game will receive God Apple+ for life and be able select and host up to 3 UHCs on Season 3's opening day.

Season 3 will officially begin on January 18th, 2021 (Monday).


wait what i just checked my /stats... i dont have a win....? ik i have a deadly water win so this is actually bowl crap
stats must of been off :( if i show a screenshot can u still let me in for the memes of 3badboys being in because i do have ss proof
wait i spammed in the screenshot now i have to be muted for a day :( mute me rn sure this was on exactly march 1st and now its jan 13th but mute me pls
well ik i had one with fierys and it was on stats but now its gone it actually used to say i had 2 stats wins but now it doesnt and that was during season 2 so idk what to tell ya but i do have them
Okay another reason i should be in it today i got 3rd in a uhc (using camo) me drewxd and jamesconeyisland were alive and they couldnt find me the spent 5 minutes and they were teaming/trucing to find me then jamesconeyisland used TRACERS to find me he openly said it in chat then they killed me but technecly they broke rules so i should of won it and stats were on

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