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Official Tapple Global Update - Border Battles, Achievements, Friends, Hub Features, New Rank & more

Tapple Global Update - New Minigame Border Battles, Achievements, Friends, New Hub Features

A Tapple update has been longer overdue!
Over the past two months, we've been working on something special and overall improving our server. Please continue reading so you can see what we've included in this and we hope you'll come to appreciate the fruits of our hard work and labor!

Border Battles - Tapple's First New Minigame Since Release
Border Battles is a new take on the traditional SkyWars minigame, including constantly moving borders as well as Elements, crazy powerups that can completely change the game. There's a lot more to it, which is why it has its own Forum post! Read more here.

Tapple Profiles
A massive change coming to the server is Tapple Profiles.
Tapple Profiles is the first step forward to making Tapple a more globalized server, supporting the network to increase in the future.
Tapple Profiles includes various features which makes the experience better across the server for all players.

Tapple now has a friends list!
Not only is it a typical friends list, it also has many additional features.

You'll be able to view friends across the network and see what server they're playing on - if you don't like being visible to your friends, no worries, there are visibility settings!

The amount of friends you are capable of having depends on your rank. Visit the store for specifications.

View more features by doing /f on the server!

You can now earn achievements across the server by accomplishing certain things in games!
These achievements can earn you Tapplets, which currently do not have a use yet. Stay tuned for updates in the future, they may be a part of an awesome features!

Global Stats
Your stats and others can be viewed across the network, anywhere!
Just do /stats and you'll be able to see your Practice, Events, and Border Battles stats.

Take a look at the features yourself! Do /profile on the server!

New Hub Features
We have some new hub features we think you might like!

Brand New Hub Spawn
We've built a grandeur new Hub spawn, packed with explorable locations, secret areas, a VIP room (right click chairs for seating!), and more!

Hub Minigames
We've added Hub Minigames!
With various NPCs located around the map, you can play small minigames with yourself or another person.
You can either look for the NPCs or use your Hub Minigame teleporter.

Rock Paper Shears - The classic Rock Paper Scissors game, playable with one other person!
Memory - Memorize the positions of various items in a randomized inventory and match each item to each other. Compete for the fastest time OR least turns taken!
Tic Tac Toe - Take turns and score yourself three in a row in a 3x3 table against another opponent!
Tapple Says - Tapple Says is a game of memory. It will show you a series of colors and you must repeat the sequence once it's finished. The classic Simon Says game!

The mailman's here to bring you the news!
Located to the right of the Hub spawnpoint, the Mailman has various features such as News, Daily Reward (coming soon), and displays server-related links.

New Rank
We are officially introducing our newest rank, God Apple+!

The God Apple+ rank, our now 4th and highest-tiered rank, is worth $7.99 USD/month and requires God Apple to purchase.

The new rank features the following features (on release):
» All features from previous ranks
» Spectate 200x200 radius in Events
- A boost up from 100x100 from God Apple
» Latescatter in Events (up until PvP time)
- If you're ever late to a game, no worries! You'll be able to join late after all players are scattered.
» Announced join message in Hub, Practice, and Border Battles
- Whenever you join one of these servers, it'll announce it in chat.
» Ability to change the + color in the rank
- You'll be able to change the + color in the rank to a color of your choice, not just orange!
» Ability to add an unlimited number of friends
- Might not be useful for loners!

More features to come!

Other Store Items
We now offer coin boosters for Border Battles (1.5x/2.0x) for $5.49/$6.99. The boosters boost the entire network's coin multiplier and only one can be activated at a time. Do /booster to see your boosters.

Link to store

Fishing rod mechanics have been slightly adjusted but currently still experimental.
» /ignore has been added! Prevents players from messaging you, feel free to ignore the people you hate the most!



YES All of my time on tapple.world i was often bullied with this /ignore i will be able to ignore bullys ty so much this is really good FINALLY GETBISECTED EWANJC drewxd and MANY more are gettin r/IGNORED
YES All of my time on tapple.world i was often bullied with this /ignore i will be able to ignore bullys ty so much this is really good FINALLY GETBISECTED EWANJC drewxd and MANY more are gettin r/IGNORED
sooo how do we play on uhc games please respond
UHC’s are events, and fall under the “events” category within the hub. To be informed of an event, I recommend joining the Tapple Discord (events are announced within the ‘#events’ channel) as well as well as watching Erferno and TapL on Twitch, since they host events on their streams.
I hope this helps you!

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