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Official Server Updates/Notes - November 18th, 2020

Server Updates/Notes - Nov. 18th, 2020

As we continue our server operations, I think it's important that we keep you updated with various changes that we make on the network during times we do not have massive updates. Please read below for some potentially important information that may be crucial to be informed of or may pertain to you.

New Rank - Jr. Creator

We've taken the time to analyze the growth of content creators on our network and have heard some feedback from the community that it is quite difficult to grow from the server only, due to our strict advertising guidelines, and while we understood this frustration, we gave the opportunity to advertise social medias in our Discord, as long as what was being advertised was related to the server. All in all, our Discord does not have the same outreach as playing the server directly.
However, with this new rank addition, our recruitment selection for Jr. Creator/Creator rank have become more strict, as we will not be accepting content creators who do not align with certain behaviors exhibited off-screen and on-screen.

Here's what's different between Jr. Creator and Creator rank:

Jr. Creator
YT Requirements
2,000+ subscribers​
10,000+ subscribers​
Twitch Requirements
1,000+ followers/15+ average concurrent viewers​
5,000+ followers/50+ average concurrent viewers​
upload/stream mainly Minecraft
an active upload/streaming schedule
primarily English-speaking audience
content highly centered around Tapple

Jr. Creator
[Jr. Creator]​
advertise stream link in chat
Creator-hosted Events
in-game creator social GUI (coming soon)
/nick (coming soon)
If you are interesting in applying for Jr. Creator/Creator, please click here.

Return of the Store

The store has been restored back into action after a 2 week downtime. Credit/debit, PayPal, and newly added gateway, Stripe, are all gateways which should work in purchasing anything on our store.
As we are frequently asked this, please remember that after purchasing a lower level rank you will be able to upgrade to the next rank at a price that automatically deducts your previously purchased rank.

Future Updates

As we are nearing the end of this year, we are still laying out plans and developing certain things for the server. There's not much left to the year, but I can promise you that our next big update (whether this being a new game or an update to a current game) will arrive before 2021. Please be on the lookout for teasers on our Twitter and video trailers on our YouTube channel. We may or may not be having an update for our website/forums very soon!

In Regards to Growing Toxicity and Misbehavior on the Server

Over the past couple of months we've been noticing a growing trend of toxicity and misbehavior. This has not only been seen on the server, but in unassociated Tapple communities as well (through social medias like Discord).

While we are a massive community of players playing on the server everyday, the common response and our historical way of going about things is that moderation is limited to the server - outside communities and affiliations are not our responsibility; typically we would only care about how you acted should it be displayed on our server directly.

However, we have decided that in order to protect our players, especially those who are younger and have had less exposure to toxicity and misbehavior - that should a certain individual within our staff's scope be seen extremely out of line and breaking some of our most severe rules (topics like homophobia, suicidal encouragement, doxing/ddossing, etc.) even OUTSIDE of the server - they will be effectively punished on our server by a ban or mute.

Times have changed and toleration of certain behaviors are a thing of the past. An entity like us, responsible for providing for the entertainment of various children and teenagers of all ages, should take the initiative in displaying what proper behavior is. Even though the gamemodes we specialize in may breed these negative behaviors, we believe we have the means to accomplish what we wish to do. If you have any questions or concerns about this topic directly please feel free to reach out to me on Discord or through the Forums.

That's all for the updates. Please leave your thoughts below.
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