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Official Practice Update 0.1.1, Event Update 1.1.0, & more!

Practice and Event Changes (Bug Fixes, New Kits)

We've got some big updates notes for you all today!


There will now be only one leaderboard, which will be the Total XP, in the center of the leaderboard area to reduce frame lag in the Practice lobby. The individual leaderboards for each kit can be located on the website, here.
The leaderboard will be updated every 10 minutes now instead of on every restart.

We've added Soup, SkyWars, SkyWars+, and Spleef to our Practice kits!
➙ In the SkyWars kits, battle it out from your islands and reach the middle to fight!
➙ In Spleef, knockout your opponent by breaking the snowblocks from underneath them! You can get snowballs from breaking blocks to attack your opponent from far range!
The maps for each kit have been built and are ready to release to the public. We've also changed the item icons for certain kits, to represent each kit better.

We've added Statistics, in game!
Use the command /stats to view your stats for all of your kits, or the emerald in your hotbar.

Other Additions

➙ Added a settings for party and duel request visibility (in hotbar)
➙ Knockback for all kits/Sumo have been further optimized
➙ Added descriptions for casual and normal in the hotbar
➙ Added a stick in Sumo
➙ You can now party chat with /pchat
➙ The parkour in the lobby has been extended
➙ An awesome Halloween themed spawn!
➙ Fishing in duels is now blocked
➙ More bad words turn into funny ones! (please don't swear on the server)

Bug Fixes

➙ Cancelled fall damage in sumo
➙ The queue for each kit no longer shows up under the kit editor
➙ Incorrect XP values are no longer displayed
➙ Various smaller bugs not worth mentioning


We've added more scenarios! However, we'll need to keep them a secret, as we reveal them a couple of hours before the Event they're being used in!

Other Additions

➙ Knockback has been further optimized
➙ A scoreboard is now displayed in the lobby listing the scenarios and teamsize
➙ Added a set health command for games with lots of hearts
➙ There is now a giant "VIP" sign above the VIP area in the spawn (remember you can purchase a rank in our store, here) View attachment 53
➙ Added a "Fire Resistance" option in the config for fire resistance before PvP begins

Bug Fixes

➙ Fixed double health not working
➙ Fixed respawning in the UHC world
➙ Fixed border not teleporting
➙ Fixed Bed Bomb damage
➙ Fixed friendly fire glitch

Website and Anticheat

Various improvements have been made to the anticheat and the website, including small fixes for Exodus and finally adding a homepage on the website.
We hope you enjoyed our updates, we'll be working hard to get more out!
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