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Official Practice - End of Season 1

End of Practice Season 1

The end of Practice Season 1 is coming to a close! Mark your calendars for May 2nd, 2020 - The server will close at promptly 10:00 UTC to undergo preparations for the release of Season 2. Once that hits, the final standings for the top five players will be receiving their prizes as promised in an earlier update! (For reference to what the prizes our, click here)

That being said, other than some bugs that are listed below, no updates/bug fixes will come until that date. If you notice any game-breaking bugs that need to be patched ASAP then you can always reach out to our staff on the Discord, but otherwise, reporting small bugs will not be necessary. If you do notice any bugs, please do not intentionally abuse them or telling others how to do them as it is a bannable offense.

Also, it has come to our attention that as the season starts coming closer to an end, more players have been stat boosting, which is also a bannable offense. Using other players or an alternate account to boost your EXP statistics is not allowed and an underhanded way to gain EXP unfairly. In preparation for this, we've created a better way to track stat boosting to ban anyone trying to get to the top of the leaderboards unfairly. You can take the initiative to look out for these players as well, by spectating their games. If you have collected proper evidence, please report it to us on the Forums in the Report a Player category, but if you have suspicions, you can let a staff member know in the Discord. If you are aiming for the prizes, please do not cheat! You will eventually be caught!

Finally, we've uploaded some final bug fixes to the server:
» Players can no longer leave the server at the start of the match and still win the game
» Fixed Sumo Red Rover breaking
» You can no longer block off the spawn points in Red Rovers
» Fixed the glitch where clicking on some hoverable messages would kick you out of the server
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