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Official Practice 2.1.0 - Parties, PvP Gameplay Fixes, New Cosmetics, Kit Changes, & more!

Practice 2.1.0 - Parties, PvP Gameplay Fixes, New Cosmetics, Kit Changes, & more!

After an experimental initial Practice 2.0 release, we've listened to the community on what we should improve on to create a more enjoyable environment on the Practice server. While we've tested these new updates a lot, there may be bugs here and there across the next couple of days and we will do our best to fix them swiftly and efficiently. Otherwise, hope you enjoy this update that our team has worked very hard on!

Parties have officially returned to Practice in proper fashion!

Party Events & Duels
Party Events & Duels now have all kits (including duel and party kits) and use a menu similar to duel requests!

New Party Event Type: Roulette!
A solo, FFA take on Red Rover.
» Players are chosen at complete random to engage in 1v1s, and the last player standing wins!

Other New Party Features
» You can now ban players from open parties with /p ban <player>.
» Messages and layouts now look cleaner, including /p list and /p info <player>.

PvP Gameplay Changes
The PvP gameplay changes from the Events update you saw last week are here!

Reimagined Player Knockback

We've listened to the community. We've taken LOTS of time to gradually reconfigure our knockback profiles. Knockback is now highly improved and feels a lot smoother - IN ALL KITS.

Instant Hit Registration
Damage to/from other players now takes the highest priority to send the data back to the client AS FAST AS PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE. Not only should this benefit everyone, but it should equalize the playing field for those with higher ping to experience similar hits as those with lower ping. We've noticed that having extremely high ping can lead to having an advantage because of spotty hit detection, so this fix should definitely help alleviate that.

Fishing Rods
Fishing rod projectiles are far smoother and more accurate, regardless of your movement.

Water/Lava Detection
The server can detect picking up and placing down water/lava buckets much easier. Along with this should reduce the amount of ghost/phantom liquids.

Brand New Cosmetics
Show off your bling with some brand new in-game Practice cosmetics!

Victory Effects
Special effects that occur when you win a game!

Archer Armor
Get colorful armor during your Archer duels (even rainbow !!!!)!

Weapon Names
Name your weapons in matches! Weapon names show up in death messages when you eliminate players with them!

New Kit Features/Competitive Ladder Changes

New Competitive Queue Kits: SkyWars and Spleef!

SkyWars and Spleef have joined the lineup of kits in the Competitive queue! Rise and grind to reach the top of the leaderboards!

Competitive Stats Reset
As the knockback is now different, we've decided to completely reset all competitive stats: wins, losses, ELO, etc. -
Congrats to these guys for making it to the top of the leaderboards in Competitive last season:

1 - PizzqWithAQ (1803 ELO)
2 - sweatg0d (1786 ELO)
3 - speakinggerman/Varicks (1694 ELO)

1 - peppermint (1617 ELO)
2 - Siddles (1614 ELO)
3 - YoyoColton (1424 ELO)

1 - YoshiDies (1408 ELO)
2 - Boblint (1370 ELO)
3 - Jaysonn (1266 ELO)

1 - K_391 (1716 ELO)
2 - nEmerald (1641 ELO)
3 - zoroh (1575 ELO)

New Party/Duel Kit: Final Fight!
This brand new kit helps simulate a final fight of a Tapple UHC in a proper natural terrain setting!

Kit Stats/Leaderboards
In the leaderboards and stats, kit-specific stats are now displayed (wins/losses/EXP, etc. for a specific kit).

Other New Features/Changes
» Added Bo3, Bo5, and Bo7 duels in /duel.
» Added post-match inventories and statistics for casual and competitive matches, which includes information like their inventory, health, potion effects, PvP/damage statistics, etc.
» Added a Parkour Practice mode in the third slot to practice Parkour maps in a casual and no-pressure environment.
» Readded colored nametags in matches to signify allies and enemies.
» Death messages are now shown and specialized for all kits.
» Spectating a match now teleports you to the player you wish to spectate instead of the arena spawn.
» Various map changes to improve gameplay/design or fix map bugs.
» The Casual and Competitive queues no longer make sounds when you open them.

Bug Fixes
» Fixed invisibility issues in matches - should a player ever be invisible ever again while you're in a match, you can use the /fixinvis command to fix it.
» Fixed joining players being visible in tab to spectators/players.
» Fixed many issues pertaining to parties and getting stuck in matches.
» Fixed and optimized some checks for hotbar items in the lobby.
» Leftover blocks in arenas should occur a lot less.
» Various text fixes.

Leave your thoughts about this update down below! Thank you for being patient with us in waiting for this update!


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