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Official Events Update v1.5.0 - Season 2, New Scenarios, Team Color Update, & more

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Events Update v1.5.0 (repost from 4/10/20)

Season 2
We have officially entered Season 2 of the Events server! Stats have been reset, and leaderboard positions are up for grabs! There are now FIVE leaderboards of the top ten players in each major category (Wins, Kills, Games Played, KDR, and W/L Ratio)

New Scenarios
We've added some awesome new scenarios (15+)! Check them out!

» Superheroes - Everybody on a team will receive a superpower that will last for the entire game. A player can receive 1 of the following: Strength, Speed, Resistance, Double Health, Invisibility, or Jump Boost. Fall damage is off in this gamemode. For Health power: Gaps heal 3 hearts and Golden Heads heal 6 hearts. Does not apply to potions! (If teams of 5, Jump will be available, if teams of 6 or higher, Invisibility is available, unless the player is solo without a team.)
» Super Smash Brothers - Each player on a team will receive a different class, all classes are chosen at random. The characters are Mario, Sonic, Kirby, Pit, Meta Knight, Donkey Kong, Pikachu, and Link. All the characters has different abilities. To check abilities, use /ssh.
» Raining TNT - TNT rains from the sky. TNT spawns within a 5 block radius of a player every second. The TNT will be spawning above the highest block above the player, plus 40 blocks.
» Kings - Upon a team, 1 person will be King, the King will have Strength, Resistance, Haste, and 20 hearts. If the king dies, the remaining teammates will receive weakness for 3 mins and Poison for 15 seconds.
» Deadly Sun - The sun can deal damage if you don't have a roof over your head during the day. Players will take 0.5 hearts of damage every second they're outside without having any blocks over their head. Glass blocks will not protect players from sun damage. If it is night time, sun damage is disabled.
» Host Damage - Every time the host takes damage, everyone else takes damage. The player who is a host to the UHC event (using /sethost) will be the reference damage that the rest of the players will be taking damage from.
» Stack Drops - Every drop is a stack of that drop. For example, breaking a grass block gives out a stack of dirt.
» Siphon - Whenever you get a kill, you will regenerate 2 hearts, gain 2 levels and get a random tier 1 enchanted book.
» Gold Rush - You cannot craft any leather armor or iron armor. You can only craft either Gold or Diamond Armor.
» Biome Paranoia - On tab your name has a color, that color represents the biome you are in. To check the biomes, use /bl
» Gibby - You will have strength 2 if you do not have a chestplate equipped.
» #Bow - The only way a player can damage another player is by using a bow.
» Bow Fighters - Everybody will start off with an infinity book, an arrow and two string. You most powerful weapon can be a stone axe or wooden sword.
» Battle Siren - Whenever a player starts fighting another player, it will shows the general coordinates of where the fight is currently happening.
» Blood Enchants - Every time you enchant an item, you will lose half a heart.
» Villager Madness - All players start the game with 64 emerald blocks and 64 villager eggs.
» Double Jump - You can jump a second time while in the air. You'll be pushed up and in the direction you're looking. Fall damage is disabled.
» Speedy Miners - All players under y:32 receive Speed I.
» Take Five - Every time you kill someone, you get to see their inventory and take 5 (stacks) of items before it disappears.

Team Color Update
Team colors have been reworked!
Team colors in tab are now far more organized. They are ordered by the color rather than being all jumbled.
You can also now pick your team color! With God Apple, you can use /pickcolor or the nether quartz in your inventory to pick your team color during team games (as long as you're the leader)! To purchase God Apple or look into other ranks, visit https://store.tapple.world

Other Additions/Changes
» First blood is now announced in chat
» /music now saves through server restarts and your selection is highlighted
» Cow and chicken rates have been slightly increased
» Some changes to the spawn

Bug Fixes
» Fixed autorespawn sometimes not working/being unnatural
» Fixed players not dropping XP
» Lightning now strikes at loggers
» Spectators now get teleported with the border when it shrinks
» /kt and the killboard setting can now be used post-win
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