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Official Events 1.9.0 - The PvP Update

Events 1.9.0 - Knockback Changes, Improved Hit Reg, World Optimizations, & more

Hello there! Today we're coming at you with some updates which have been way overdue! This includes lots of gameplay bug fixes and improvements. Read below as I go more in-depth on each of the updates and changes.
Also please understand that these changes are only going live to the Events server(s). A later patch for Practice for some of these updates will be on the way soon.

PvP Gameplay Changes

Reimagined Player Knockback

We've listened to the community. We've taken LOTS of time to gradually reconfigure our knockback profiles. Knockback is now highly improved and feels a lot smoother.

Instant Hit Registration
Damage to/from other players now takes the highest priority to send the data back to the client AS FAST AS PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE. Not only should this benefit everyone, but it should equalize the playing field for those with higher ping to experience similar hits as those with lower ping. We've noticed that having extremely high ping can lead to having an advantage because of spotty hit detection, so this fix should definitely help alleviate that.

Fishing Rods
Fishing rod projectiles are far smoother and more accurate, regardless of your movement.

Water/Lava Detection
The server can detect picking up and placing down water/lava buckets much easier. Along with this should reduce the amount of ghost/phantom liquids.

World Optimizations/Changes

Improved Server Event/Packet Handling

when certain events are sent to the server (breaking a block, eating food, etc.) they are detected more efficiently, resulting in less lag when many of the Events are happening (handles higher amounts of players better, including when in high concentrations in one area). If all goes right from our calculations, the Events server should handle AT LEAST 500 players WITHOUT LAG.

Entity Optimizations - Mobs & Drops
Entities are the number one source of lag when it comes to our UHCs. We have optimized our mobs so that now we should now be able to handle thousands and thousands of both passive and aggressive mobs all at once. In fact, MORE THAN TEN TIMES as many as we used to be able to handle.
Item drops will now also be less of a problem with lag (they despawn sooner), but unfortunately the satisfying separated item pickup noises will be no more :(

UHCs with Nether and End
When requiring more worlds, the CPU is fully optimized to make sure that the worlds don't cause any lag (practically treating them as different servers). This is what has been holding us back from hosting games with the Nether and End.

Improved Starting Location Scatter
The scattering process is now better. For all players, we try to calculate the best position possible. All players are separated by a set minimum distance and no longer spawn in weird places like lava or caves. Even with this, the scatter goes EVEN FASTER now.

Caves and Ores
Cave rates have been increase by 25% to reduce stripmining, and diamond rates have been reduced by a significant amount. We've been wanting to change the dynamic of our games as we think player gear towards the end of the UHCs is way too stacked and overpowered. As long as all goes right, an average game should be going up with enchants and a diamond piece.

Improved Biome Generation
Less weird biomes should spawn and 0,0 should now always be a Plains biome. This means no more hilly terrain or block replacement generation (water -> grass) at 0,0.

Other Quality of Life Changes/Additions
» Various new scenarios/scenario bug fixes! There are WAY too many to track, I would list them otherwise!
» Added a coal pickup setting in /settings (we're not responsible for disabling it in games without CutClean!)
» Player/entity render has been slightly increased.
» As items do not burn, when items are thrown in lava they no longer produce constant burning sounds.
» The shrink to 50x50 is no longer random. This is so that when players are in fights/assigned fights they don't lose their opponent's position.
» Better messages with various /team commands.
» Village rates slightly decreased to combat the rate of books being collected from actual crafts.
» Reduced explosion damage.
» Various animal drops (such as horses) will now always drop ATLEAST 1 of their drops.

Bug Fixes
» The bug that caused the server to crash randomly is no more!
» Saturation is now better and hunger not taken as quickly.
» You can now tab player names in commands before the game starts or if they are dead.
» There are no longer invisible blocks/you don't get stuck when you mine dirt/sand/gravel too fast.
» Bedrock no longer spawns at a singular y-level.
» Fixed Timber dropping invalid texture blocks.

As stated above, these updates are only out for Events, not Practice. Practice 2.1 should be arriving soon.
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