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Count to 20 before a staff member types


So this is pretty self-explanatory, if you are a member(Regular, Apple+, etc), you have to count from 1 through 1020, and make your goal to count to 20. If you are a staff member such as a moderator and your goal is to stop the members from getting to 20, and make them start back from 1. So, each person has a task to do, so it's like members vs moderator.

1. Don't break the chain if you aren't a moderator, because come on.
2. You can't type more than one time in a row.
3. Follow the forum rules.

Good luck, I'll start the count. 1!

Update: This has been updated so if you are a staff member, including helper or moderator, or owner then you can break the chain. This makes it more fun. I also increase the goal amount to 20, to make it more challenging, because who doesn't love a challenge.
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