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    Predictions on new season

    Bedwars would be fun
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    Golden Retriever UHC

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    alright sorry i think this whole list is banned tho, havent seen them for weeks
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    List of people who are definitely hacking: deleted ill keep adding to this list as time goes on
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    I just didn't know what it was called and elo seemed fitting. I've realised now. Thanks, but some of them are obscure and may not be due to their rare nature, so I thought I'd make this. Myself and many of my friends on the server have encountered them. Also I haven't seen you on before, what's...
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    As a reasonably seasoned player of the community, and having garnered over 20k elo on the BUHC game type, I've encountered a few bugs. Some of the ones that I'm going to discuss may be hard to fully erase however some do have a strong effect on the playing experience for me and (I'm sure) many...
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    i play mc on a laptop

    i play mc on a laptop

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