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  1. homiemansmans

    pls dont change the colors back

    Dont change the colors back they are hot af and I will literally die if you change it back thank you goodnight
  2. homiemansmans

    How to turn tapple into one of the best UHC servers out there. (My Ideas)

    It is common knowledge within the UHC community that since the closing of Ultra and Badlion, the community has not been the same. However, In this rare circumstance we find ourselves in currently, with virtually the entire world on lockdown, I believe there is a window of opportunity to create a...
  3. homiemansmans

    Homiemansmans Introduction

    You probably as the guy who is always getting muted If im in your lobby and dont speak then it happened again Staff dont always like me (Except xJaisin And GulibL <3) Im a total NoLife Im tryna be top lb when reset happens Im toxic as heck (joke dont ban)

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