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    Forum Game!

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    longest duel?

    I agree with what Canadas said cause, if you're just messing around it aint really an actual duel since you are not actually pvping. Also for the sumo thing, It can get tiring quickly cause like he said keeping a position for a while is hard.
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    longest duel?

    Could I ask what kind of duels was it?
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    Forum Game!

    This mans a savage.
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    Official Practice PvP 0.1.0 Update

    All the leaderboard players be agreeing xd
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    Forum Game!

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    Forum Game!

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    Please dont go on my forum game :P

    Please dont go on my forum game :P
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    Sumo -=- KB

    Cant grind sumo then ;P
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    Forum Game!

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    Forum Game!

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    Forum Game!

    Introduction So as you can already tell its a forum game, but of what kind? Bassicaly its gonna be one word story, you post one word and the story progresses. You can post a word every 20 Minutes (Say I posted at 8:00 PM and its 8:20 PM now I could post another word) The game stops when an...
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    I killed TapL (video)

    Guys we found a mini-mod.. Oh wait this is Indians alt.
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    Sumo with enderpearls

    I would agree with you but the Sumo platform would have to be bigger to add that.
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    Sumo -=- KB

    Sumo Knockback ----- I've recently played a couple Sumo matches and people take barely any Knockback. And I've also noticed I don't take much as well and it takes like a minute to finish a match of sumo. So I would like to know is this intentional to make it more fun of an experience for the...
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    What are the rules?

    The_Archer rick rolled me I closed it before it played tho.. Nice try @The_Archer

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