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  1. zeLthsss

    Official Tapple UHC Season 2 Championship Game

    LOL they were joking and if they actually were serious, they would have been banned for tracers OMEGALUL
  2. zeLthsss

    Official Events Changes - June 8th, 2020

  3. zeLthsss

    Practice 2.0 Revisions/Changes

    1. Add Sumo and Skywars to Comp 2. Fix the pearls on Nodebuff (You take damage if you pearl) 3. Edit the Nodebuff inventory (Have more pots/less speed) 4. Add fire swords and fire pots to Nodebuff 5. You take fall damage in some games like soup due to KB
  4. zeLthsss

    Practice Season 2 Suggestions Thread

    New Game Modes in practice such as: SG Axe HFC
  5. zeLthsss

    Official Practice - End of Season 1

    im boutta start grinding hard bro
  6. zeLthsss

    jitter clicking should be BANNED along with butterfly clicking.

    Attack with U, place with I, only uses mouse to scroll and aim, S for forwards, R for sprinting, F for backwards, A for left, and K for right. Seems that U should be a meta for clicking alright...

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