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Recent content by The_Archer

  1. The_Archer

    changing your username

    Your username has been changed.
  2. The_Archer

    WHAT THE HECK WHY DID YOU ADD A NEW RANK DUDE (me raging at it part 2)

    All God Apple Plus does, is give players an option to have more features. When I first found out that God Apple Plus would have the ability to latescatter, I was hyped. Tapple is still free to play, so if you cannot get a rank, or don't want one, then you don't have to.
  3. The_Archer

    Random QOTD

    Fire Become the dragon of the west!
  4. The_Archer

    8 UHC ideas (no links included!!)

    Cool ideas!
  5. The_Archer

    :sleep: Ok

    :sleep: Ok
  6. The_Archer

    Meetup improvement (question mark?)

    Interesting idea!
  7. The_Archer

    How Do You Get A Golden Ticket

    Shyvel, Puddle is just trying to help. Please stop with it.
  8. The_Archer


    Great work Puddle! You have been very helpful so far.
  9. The_Archer

    Count to 20 before a staff member types

    Gotta be faster!
  10. The_Archer

    UHC but everyone had blindness and speed 5

    I want to see it. I don't want to play it. :sneaky:
  11. The_Archer

    UHC suggestions: Minecraft UHC but enable natural regeneration

    But then its not a UHC o_O
  12. The_Archer

    New practice cosmetic

    I would like to see this in the future. Good suggestion.
  13. The_Archer

    UHC ideas

    Good ideas! Thanks for the suggestions.

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