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Recent content by omnikron

  1. omnikron


    they won’t do this + it’s generic
  2. omnikron

    Kicked whilst connecting to the server!

    It’s down for maintenance rn, they’ll announce in the discord when it’s back up
  3. omnikron

    Official Practice PvP 0.1.0 Update

    this isn’t a factions server, but if you want to play on it, go on 1.8.9 and connect to tapple.world
  4. omnikron

    hey guys!!! look at my sick clip i got on tappL.word!!!!!

    damn this is some top skill right here
  5. omnikron


    the whole server is dead bruh
  6. omnikron

    Banned for higher CPS????

    yea the ac in combo is always buggin
  7. omnikron

    Count to 20 before a staff member types

    I was trying to say that the forums are incredibly dead lol
  8. omnikron

    surviv.io MEMES

    I am supposed to understand these “memes”
  9. omnikron

    Official Tapple UHC Season 2 Championship Game

    the ip is tapple.world make sure you are on 1.8.9 Java
  10. omnikron

    Official Tapple UHC Season 2 Championship Game

    You can’t play tapple champs
  11. omnikron

    Count to 20 before a staff member types

    17 I doubt any staff actually check forums this is gonna go for a while lol

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