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Recent content by LightningLegend

  1. LightningLegend

    The best thread ever

    You're the impostor
  2. LightningLegend

    Sure, go ahead

    Sure, go ahead
  3. LightningLegend

    Denied LightningLegend's Second Bug Tester Application

    1) Minecraft username: LigntningLegend and Marriken (Frequently changes) 2) Age: I am 16 years old. 3) Timezone: Eastern Standard Time 4) Region of the world: North America, Canada, Quebec 5) Discord name: Lightning#2961, I deleted my previous discord account because before I joined the...
  4. LightningLegend

    Puddle' Giveaway 1

    I +1 Adobenerd hes epic and cool ?
  5. LightningLegend

    Practice Season 2 Suggestions Thread

    is there was a win streak leaderboard all you need to do is play casual and sweat your buttox off and boosters get high win streaks
  6. LightningLegend

    Forum Activity Contest

    easy gamer time im the best in the game yes now come my children
  7. LightningLegend

    UHC Meetup Idea

    Meetup is successful on minemanclub because most of the player base play build uhc, and the downfall of hypixel's deathmatch game is due to the lack of uhc players willing to play meetup with a couple of players
  8. LightningLegend

    UHC Meetup Idea

    If there was a "Reroll" command to reroll all your weaponry would be actually cool, one use though
  9. LightningLegend

    Practice Season 2 Suggestions Thread

    I dont think people will play Sg or Axe all that much, prob just for parties
  10. LightningLegend

    Practice Season 2 Suggestions Thread

  11. LightningLegend

    Official Practice - End of Season 1

    steel lost his #1 prize rippp
  12. LightningLegend

    fredmodular's Map Submission -Secretive Courtyard

    Is that cow apart of the map, if not I will never play sumo ever again if this map gets implemented onto the server!

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