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Recent content by 1366

  1. 1366

    Official Our Initial Release and Moving Forward

  2. 1366

    I need the server Port

    pocket edition is bedrock so you cannot join
  3. 1366

    GhostBuster Unfair Advantage

    You should make an appeal
  4. 1366

    The best thread ever

    message 1000
  5. 1366

    how do i add a signature to my forum posts

    click on your profile picture in the top right and then click on signature
  6. 1366

    Ban for Unfair Advantage

    your ban message should say why you were banned, just make an appeal with evidence you werent cheating and you should be unbanned shortly
  7. 1366

    Too many guests

    Do people just leave these forums open and not make an account because I always see around 20-30 guests and less than a handful of members online at one time.
  8. 1366

    New Gamemode Guesses

    what is your question
  9. 1366

    Big thing yep

    I will be making a prediction that in 24 days, there will be something big happening on Tapple. I believe that whatever is behind the dragon egg in the hub will be released on that specific day.

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