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Official Leaderboards Page is now LIVE!

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We have made a leaderboards page! Want to see where you stand on the rankings? Check out the new Leaderboards tab or click this link:

Right now overall XP ranking is across all gamemodes are shown on the leaderboards. Event leaderboards and specific practice gamemode XP will be displayed in the future.

Got any suggestions? Please post them here. Thanks!

Official Tapple is now LIVE! (Practice, Events, Ranks, and more!)

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IP: tapple.world
Tapple Logo Website.png

The Tapple server is officially LIVE and open to play!

We are currently in beta and the Practice server is open! Tapple Practice's main features includes:
  • Casual and Normal queue matchmaking! Earn XP while fighting other players!
  • BuildUHC, Debuff, NoDebuff, Gapple, Combo, Soup, Sumo, and Spleef kits and gamemodes!
  • /duel and /party compatibility!
Also on another note- we're going to host a UHC event 24 hours from now. (Oct. 6 @ 1PM PST)
For more information on the event please click here and for any future events, please check our events page.

We have also opened our store (store.tapple.world) with three available donor ranks. More news and announcements are coming your way soon!

NOTE: The Tapple server is currently in BETA. If you find any...

Official Trial-Mod Applications

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Hey all!

We have released the Trial-Mod Applications for Tapple.
If you wish to apply, information can be found HERE.

For anymore questions or concerns, you may contact me or TapL.

About US

Tapple is Minecraft server that currently features many unique games. We believe that maintaining an experimental environment can push boundaries and reach the most enjoyable yet competitive Minecraft experience.

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