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Official Tapple Official Release - Events, Practice, Cosmetics, & more

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Tapple Official Release

After being in open beta since our initial Beta Release back in October 5th, 2019, we are finally ready to get out of beta and officially release the server. Although long overdue, and no new minigames, we have prepared an update we believe that the general public will enjoy! Lots of effort went into this, and we were unable to release in time due to a massive hit in our development forces. Special thanks to jstnf and Interuptings as well as the entire Tapple Team for making the bulk of this update possible.


Practice now has various new features, including 2 new kits, 20+ new maps, and a new VIP room at spawn for donators! For more information, read here.


Official Practice Update 0.2.0, New Maps & Donator Perks, & More!

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Practice Update, Donator Perks, Quality of Life Changes, Bug Fixes, Anti-Cheat

We have finally released the update we have been working on for the past three weeks, just in time for the week of Thanksgiving!
Big thanks to the Development Team as well as the Build Team for making this update possible and we'll be preparing for a bigger update in the near future!

Practice Update 0.2.0

Archer Kit

We have added a new kit, and this time it is the Archer Kit! Face off with other players with a bow and six gaps as you battle it out to see who is the best bowman!



We have added multiple new features to parties! This includes:
Red Rover: The party is split up into two and the teams each send in one player at a time to duel. The winner stays in the arena, and the team that still has players wins!
Leader vs...
Official NEW MAPS! Practice Update 0.1.2
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Practice Map Update 0.1.2

We have added some new maps to the Practice server we think you might enjoy!
All of these maps were created by our builder Megumin_, along with small edits being made by K_391, uwujosh, and Sgappy. Big thanks to them, and expect some more crazy builds coming your way in the near future!

1 POT MAP (Debuff, NoDebuff, Combo, Gapple, and Soup)


Tapple Venice.png

Come fight on a waterway in the city of Venice, built on the waters of the Adriatic Sea with its elaborate architecture and historic past that dates back over 1,000 years!

Official Practice Update 0.1.1, Event Update 1.1.0, & more!
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Practice and Event Changes (Bug Fixes, New Kits)

We've got some big updates notes for you all today!


There will now be only one leaderboard, which will be the Total XP, in the center of the leaderboard area to reduce frame lag in the Practice lobby. The individual leaderboards for each kit can be located on the website, here.
The leaderboard will be updated every 10 minutes now instead of on every restart.

We've added Soup, SkyWars, SkyWars+, and Spleef to our Practice kits!
➙ In the SkyWars kits, battle it out from your islands and reach the middle to fight!
➙ In Spleef, knockout your opponent by breaking the snowblocks from underneath them! You can get snowballs from breaking blocks to attack your opponent from far range!
The maps for each kit have been built and are ready to release to the...
Official In-Game Leaderboards & Rules
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In-Game Leaderboards

We've added leaderboards in-game to the left of spawn on Practice. Grind out the leaderboards and make it to the top within the next two hours before leaderboards are reset!
The leaderboards of each kit will be posted at midnight before the leaderboards reset!


We've officially created the rules section on the website for all players to view what is allowed and what is not allowed. For more information, click on the "Rules" tab on the navigation bar, or press HERE.
Official Practice PvP 0.1.0 Update
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Practice PvP Changes (XP, Leaderboard, Bugs)

We've made some small changes over the past couple of days and while nothing crazy, hopefully these couple of updates will improve the server a bit!


Recently, there have been developments of multiple cases of account sharing and statistic boosting to boost one's XP rankings and statistics. To combat this, we've implemented a new system that will detect the players that abuse the system. Even though we've caught a large majority of these players, as well as reset their stats, to make sure the system is fair for everyone, we will be wiping the leaderboards clean on October 13th, at 12:00 AM EST (midnight of Saturday and Sunday). As unfortunate as it is, the next time we will reset the leaderboards, we will make sure to announce a couple of weeks beforehand, and that next time...


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