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Official Practice 2.1.0 - Parties, PvP Gameplay Fixes, New Cosmetics, Kit Changes, & more!

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Practice 2.1.0 - Parties, PvP Gameplay Fixes, New Cosmetics, Kit Changes, & more!

After an experimental initial Practice 2.0 release, we've listened to the community on what we should improve on to create a more enjoyable environment on the Practice server. While we've tested these new updates a lot, there may be bugs here and there across the next couple of days and we will do our best to fix them swiftly and efficiently. Otherwise, hope you enjoy this update that our team has worked very hard on!

Parties have officially returned to Practice in proper fashion!

Party Events & Duels
Party Events & Duels now have all kits (including duel and party kits) and use a menu similar to duel requests!

New Party Event Type: Roulette!
A solo, FFA take on Red Rover.
» Players are chosen at complete random to engage in 1v1s, and the last player standing wins!

Other New Party...

Official Events 1.9.0 - The PvP Update

  • 1,641
  • 7
Events 1.9.0 - Knockback Changes, Improved Hit Reg, World Optimizations, & more

Hello there! Today we're coming at you with some updates which have been way overdue! This includes lots of gameplay bug fixes and improvements. Read below as I go more in-depth on each of the updates and changes.
Also please understand that these changes are only going live to the Events server(s). A later patch for Practice for some of these updates will be on the way soon.

PvP Gameplay Changes

Reimagined Player Knockback

We've listened to the community. We've taken LOTS of time to gradually reconfigure our knockback profiles. Knockback is now highly improved and feels a lot smoother.

Instant Hit Registration
Damage to/from other players now takes the highest priority to send the data back to the client AS FAST AS PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE. Not only should this benefit everyone, but it should equalize the playing field for...

Official Events v1.8.0 - The Scenario Update

  • 2,096
  • 10
Featuring a new scenario system, brand new scenarios, rule changes, and more!

Official Events Changes - June 8th, 2020

  • 3,231
  • 19
Events Changes - June 8th, 2020

Some changes are coming to the Events server! Some of these have yet to be implemented, and some of them you may have already seen in place on the server -
We've heard a lot of feedback and thoughts from the community about how our Events system works and some of these changes are long overdue.

A Second Events Server
Now as seen in the compass, clicking the Events option will bring you to two different servers: Events-1 and Events-2. This is so that we can be more flexible with our schedule/potentially host two UHCs at the same time. It has come to our attention that our community is pretty torn in half on liking/disliking the crazy scenarios, so with this second Events server we will try to equalize our UHCs with both crazy ones and normal ones. When announcing Events, it will be specifically stated which Events server the Event is taking place in. This second Events server will also help with other...

Official Practice Update v2.0.0 - ELO & EXP System, Practice Cosmetics, New Kits, New Maps, & More!

  • 3,283
  • 15
Practice Update 2.0.0 - ELO & EXP System, Practice Cosmetics, New Kits, New Maps, & More!

The long awaited Practice update has arrived! Please read through entirely so you know what's in this update and what's coming soon as well!


Originally, EXP was a measurement of efficiency + playtime, rather than determined primarily by skill - the exact system and its details were originally instituted to revoke a bit of competitiveness, leading to a reduction of toxicity and more fun. However, this effect was not reached and the lack of competitive edge became a root issue for a lack of consistent playerbase for the Practice server.

Now, we have implemented a new system, where EXP is earned from both the Casual and Competitive (originally “Normal”) queues, and earning EXP can allow you to level up. Each level up you earn “Cosmetic Credits”, which can be redeemed for Practice Cosmetics. These Practice...

Official Practice - End of Season 1

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End of Practice Season 1

The end of Practice Season 1 is coming to a close! Mark your calendars for May 2nd, 2020 - The server will close at promptly 10:00 UTC to undergo preparations for the release of Season 2. Once that hits, the final standings for the top five players will be receiving their prizes as promised in an earlier update! (For reference to what the prizes our, click here)

That being said, other than some bugs that are listed below, no updates/bug fixes will come until that date. If you notice any game-breaking bugs that need to be patched ASAP then you can always reach out to our staff on the Discord, but otherwise, reporting small bugs will not be necessary. If you do notice any bugs, please do not intentionally abuse them or telling others how to do them as it is a bannable...

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